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Developer Resources for Mini210/Tiny210

This page contains references to documentation, design files and support packages available from CoreWind for the Mini210/Tiny210  Inductrial PC. Operating system packages contain both developer and freeze versions

Board Introduce

User Manual

System Test Method:
  Touchsreen   rotating screen   Play MP3   Recording   WiFi Internet
  CMOS camera   HDMI output   GPS Test   Ethenet Setting   3G Networking
  3G SMS   Dial-up via 3G   USB Bluetooth   USB Disk, SD card   Backlight Control
  Serial Port   LED Testing   PWM Buzzer   ADC Testing   I2C-EEPROM

Hardware info

Mini210s: Schematic | Size
Tiny210: Schematic | Size
Tiny210V2: Schematic | Size
Tiny210SDK1: Schematic | Size
Tiny210V2SDK: Schematic | Size

Software info

WiNCE 6.0
Update Detail:Support 512MB Nand Flash and Capacitive screen in WInCE 6.0
Update Date: 2012-11-16


Microprocessor CPU
S5PV210_UM_REV1.1.zip Cortex-A8 CPU chips
RAM Chip
K4T1G164QE_rev11 128MB DDR2 RAM
Flash Chips
K9K8G08U0A 1GB Nand Flash
Display Module
H43-HSD043I9W1.pdf  - 4.3"LCD Module
W50-TM050RDH05-00-02.pdf  - 5.0"LCD Module
AT070TN83.pdf  7.0"LCD-A70 Module
S70-AT070TN92.pdf 7.0"LCD Module
L80 FG080000DNCWA-T1.pdf  8.0"LCD Module
W101 - HLY101ML282-18A.pdf 10.1"LCD-W101
Misc chips
DM9000 Ethernet MAC + PHY
WM-G-MR-9-Ref-2.pdf   SDIO WiFi Module
WM8960_Rev40.pdf   Audio chips
OV9650.pdf 130W camera module
tvp5150.pdf AV Camera Chips
MAX3232 RS232 Transceiver
IRM3638.pdf Receiver Module

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