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Developer Resources for SBC-SAM9G20.
This page contains references to documentation, design files and support packages available from CoreWind for the SBC-SAM9G20 computer-on-module. Operating system packages contain both developer and freeze versions.

SBC-SAM9G20 datasheet
O/S support for SBC-SAM9G20

Item Update time Size
  SBC-SAM9G20 Overview 2011-11-5 1.7MB
 pdf SBC-SAM9G20 Getting Start.pdf 2012-2-5 667KB
 pdf SBC-SAM9G20 Reference Guide 2012-2-5 950KB
 pdf SBC-SAM9G20 Schematic | dimensions 2011-11-6 159KB
 Bootloader Image | Source Code | Documentation 2011-11-6 8MB
 Linux Kernel: Image | Source Code | Documentation 2011-11-6 59MB
 Root Filesystem: Image | Source Code | Documentation 2011-11-6 6.0MB
 pdf Linux Application Development(API) 2011-11-7  


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