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SBC-STM32F103 | STM32 Development kit

SBC-STM32F103 Features

  • STM32F103VET6, 64K RAM, 512K Flash
  • LCD, Camera, Audio support
  • Ethernet, RS485, CAN, USB Device, serial port, GPIO Support
  • Expand module support(Camera, 2.4G Module, WiFi)
  • Demo Source code , uC/OS-II provide
  • Expand 40 GPIO support

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Product Infomation

The ST Microelectronics STM32F103 Cortex-M3 core-based processor operates at 72 MHz clock frequency. The board features USB, CAN, RS485, SD Card interface, TFT-LCD, RS232 serial interface and 40 general I/O on board. Plenty of software examples, which can be used with the Keil MDK environment, are included on CD-ROM.


The SBC-STM32F103 Single Board Computer is based on STM32F103 processor. This board is characterized as follows:
CPU: ST Microelectronics STM32F103, ARM Cortex-M3 based, 72 MHz
Memory: 512KB internal flash and 64KB SRAM
I2C-EEPROM: 1 x AT24C02 EEPROM chips on board
SPI-Flash: 1 x SPI 2M Flash W25x16
RTC: Support RTC Function
RS232 Serial Port: One standard DB9 connectors
RS485 Serial Port:  A 3.81mm connector for RS485 Port
CAN Port: A 3.81mm connector for CAN Port
USB Port: One USB Device Connector
TF card: 1 SDIO TF card interface
AD/DA: 2 x AD, 2 x DA, on 2.54mm headers
PWM: 2 x PWM, on 2.54mm headers
Button: 1 x Reset button, 2 x User Button
JTAG:  on-chip debug interface, standard JTAG interface
GPIO: 40 GPIO interface
Expand Module Interface:
TFT-LCD Interface: Support expand 3.2inch/2.4inch LCD, VGA Module
Camera interface: Support expand OV7725 Camera Module
Three Axis  Accelerometer interface: Support expand MMA7455 Module
2.4GHz Transceiver interface: Support expand 2.4GHz TransceiverNRF24L01+ Module
Audio interface: Support expand Audio Module
WIFI Interface: Support expand WiFi Module
Board Size: 130mm x 110mm
Power Supply: DC-5V/ USB



Industrial control
Data acquisition

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Product package include
  • One SBC-STM32F103 Board
  • One 3.2"LCD
  • One net cable
  • One Serial cable
  • One USB cable
  • One 5V@2A Power adapter
  • DVD for source code
  • Item Price Buy Now
    SBC-STM32F103+3.2"TFT $79USD
    SBC-STM32F103+3.2"TFT LCD + Jlink V8 $108USD
    Option Module for SBC-STM32F103
    Three Axis Accelerometer(MMA7455) $9USD
    30W Camera(CFM111-250) $30USD
    MP3 Expand Module(VS1003) $19USD
    2.4GHz Transceiver Module(NRF24L01) $9USD

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