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Core210 | Samsung S5PV210 CPU Module

Core210 Features

  • 1 GHz Samsung S5PV210 with SGX540 graphics
  • 512MB DDR2 RAM(Support Upgrade to 1GB)
  • 4GB inand
  • Ethernet, WiFi, serial port,
  • Android 2.3&Android 4.0&WinCE 6.0 support

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Product Infomation

Core210 CPU board is a high-performance Cortex A8 core board. It uses Samsung S5PV210 as the main processor, running at up to 1GHz. Integrated PowerVR SGX540 S5PV210 internal high-performance graphics engine, support for 3D graphics run smoothly, and can be smooth to play 1080P video of the large size.

Core210 onboard 512M DDR2 memory and 512MB Nand Flash, and can smoothly run advanced operating system, Android 2.3, Android 4.0 and WinCE6. It is ideal for the development of high-end Internet of Things, advertising, multimedia terminal, smart home, high-end surveillance system, video game control panel device.

This CPU module can be purchased with a development board.


Package      QFP package
Size     55cm*55cm*3cm
Pin pitch     1.2mm
Pin pad size     1.8mm*0.8mm
Pin Quantity     180Pin
Layer     8 layer
System Feature
 CPU     S5PV210
Frequency     1GHz
RAM     512MB DDR2(Defalut)/1GB DDR2(Option)
Flash     4GB inand(Defalut)/512MB Nand Flash(Option)
Interface Feature
LCD Support TTL/LVDS interface LCD
Touchscreen     Support 4/5 wire Resistive touch,  capacitive touch
Audio AC91/IIS interface
SD card slot Two SDIO interface
Ethernet Support Ethernet expansion
USB Host USB HOST 2.0, Support USB Hub expand
UART     4 UART, Support Flow control
PWM  4 PWM output
IIC 3 IIC Output
SPI     2 SPI out
ADC     10 ADC output
`DAC(TVOUT)   1 DAC Output, support expand TVOUT
Camera     2 Camera Input
EXTINT     Some interrupt IO
HDMI     HDMI output
Boot configure OM[5:0] 
Electrical Characteristics
Power In 5V
Power Out  3.3V
Work Temperature 10-70
Software Support
Android Android 2.3, Android 4.0
WInCE WinCE 6.0
Linux Linux+QT 4.8

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CoreWind also offers customer design service based on the Core210  board according to customer’s requirement. Whether you need to reduce, add or modify to existing hardware, CoreWind will help customers with expert competence and rich experience.

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