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Tiny210V2-S5PV210 Version History

Tiny210V2 SDK 1301

The Change with the Tiny210V2 SDK V1.0

1. Remove the USB 2.0 Hub
2.  Remove AV In interface

Tiny210V2 SDK V1.0(120804)

1. Integrated USB 2.0 Hub: Extended 4 USB host ports, three of them as the standard side port, and one was lead by SCON interface
2. AV CCD Camera In: Integrated TVP5150 video chip: 2 AV input port (RCA), can be directly connected using a CCD camera 
3. Expand MiniPCI interface: expand 3G Module
4. Serial Port: 4 serial port, two of them have been converted to RS232, and leads through the DB9 Block (COM0, COM1), through the CON1, 2, 3, 4, Block leads to TTL level
5. keys: 8 key
6. RJ45 Ethernet port: using DM9000AEP(On CPU board), 10/100M adaptive
7. Audio input and output: using the WM8960 professional audio chip(On cpu board), containing Class D amplifier on-board microphone, and supports HDMI audio and video synchronization output
8. USB Slave: 1 Road, the USB 2.0 specification
9. Buzzer: 1, control by the PWM0
10. EEPROM: AT24C08 (256 Byte) for I2C test
11. LCD Interface: 2 LCD interface, support 3.5 "-19" full color TFT display LCD
12. Capacitive touch screen: I2C-based interface, on the 45Pin LCD connector
13. Resistive touch screen: 1-wired Touchscreen interface, On 40Pin LCD connector
14. SDIO interface: used to connect the SD WiFi module and other
15. CMOS Camera interface: used to connect CMOS camera
16. RTC clock: with a backup battery (according to different regions or time periods, mailing may remove the battery)
17. Gravity sensor Support
18. PCB layer: 2
19. PCB size: 180 x 130mm, can be easily fixed all kinds of LCD modules, especially the 7-inch LCD module
20. Power supply: DC-5V

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