• The follow sheet is for the CORE9X25 board, the linux inode row is only for the linux.
  • Pin # IC Pin Default Alt   GPIO Note
    N1   3V3       Power In Vcc
    N2 PC0 SDA1 GPIO   64 I2C bus 1 Data or GPIO
    N3 PC1 SCL1 GPIO   65 I2C bus 1 Clock or GPIO
    N4 PC2 GPIO     66  
    N5 PC3 GPIO     67  
    N6 PC4 GPIO     68  
    N7 PC5 GPIO     69  
    N8 PC6 GPIO     70  
    N9 PC7 GPIO     71  
    N10 PC8 UTXD0 GPIO   72 UART0: /dev/ttyS5 TXD
    N11 PC9 URXD0 GPIO   73 UART0: /dev/ttyS5 RXD
    N12 PC10 GPIO     74  
    N13 PC11 GPIO     75  
    N14 PC12 GPIO     76  
    N15 PC13 GPIO     77  
    N16 PC14 GPIO     78  
    N17 PC15 GPIO     79  
    N18 PC16 E1_RXER       Ethernet EMAC1 Receive Error
    N19 PC17 URXD1 GPIO   81 UART1: /dev/ttyS6 TXD
    N20 PC18 E1_TX0       Ethernet EMAC1 Transmit Data 0
    N21 PC19 E1_TX1       Ethernet EMAC1 Transmit Data 1
    N22 PC20 E1_RX0       Ethernet EMAC1 Receive Data 0
    N23 PC21 E1_RX1       Ethernet EMAC1 Receive Data 1
    N24   GND       Power In GND
Pin # IC Pin Default Alt   GPIO Note
E1   GND       Power In GND
E2 PC22 TXD3 GPIO   86 USART3: /dev/ttyS4 TXD
E3 PC23 RXD3 GPIO   87 USART3: /dev/ttyS4 RXD
E4 PC24 RTS3 GPIO   88 USART3: /dev/ttyS4 RTS 
E5 PC25 CTS3 GPIO   89 USART3: /dev/ttyS4 CTS 
E6 PC26 GPIO     90  
E7 PC27 E1_TXEN       Ethernet EMAC1 Transmit Enabl
E8 PC28 E1_CRSDV       Ethernet EMAC1 Receive Data Valid
E9 PC29 E1_TXCK       Ethernet EMAC1 Transmit Clock
E10 PC30 E1_MDC       Ethernet EMAC1 Management Data Clock
E11 PC31 E1_MDI       Ethernet EMAC1 Management Data Input/Output
E12 USBCP D+       USB 2.0 Host full-speed port C
E13 USBCN D-       USB 2.0 Host full-speed port C
E14   GND       Power In GND
E15 USBBN D-       USB 2.0 Host hi-speed port B
E16 USBBP D+       USB 2.0 Host hi-speed port B
E17   GND       Power In GND
E18 USBAN D-       USB 2.0 Host/Device hi-speed port A
E19 USBAP D+       USB 2.0 Host/Device hi-speed port A
E20 VBAT         RTC battery backup +3 volt DC input
E21 NRST         Reset input signal (active low)
E22 SHDN         Shutdown output signal (active low)
E23 WKUP         Wake-up input signal (active low)
E24   3V3       Power In Vcc
Pin # IC Pin Default Alt   GPIO Note
S1   3V3       Power In Vcc
S2 PA21 1W GPIO   21 Bit banging 1-wire bus or GPIO
S3 PA20 DA3     20 microSD Card memory
S4 PA19 DA2     19 microSD Card memory
S5 PA18 DA1     18 microSD Card memory
S6 PA17 CK     17 microSD Card memory
S7 PA16 CDA     16 microSD Card memory
S8 PA15 DA0     15 microSD Card memory
S9 PA14 NPCS0 GPIO   14 SPI bus 0 chip select 0 or GPIO
S10 PA13 SPCK GPIO   13 SPI bus 0 clock or GPIO
S11 PA12 MOSI GPIO   12 SPI bus 0 Master Output or GPIO
S12 PA11 MISO GPIO   11 SPI bus 0 Master Input or GPIO
S13 PA10 DTXD     10 Debug serial port
S14 PA9 DRXD     9 Debug serial port
S15 PA8 RXD2 GPIO   8 USART2:  /dev/ttyS3 RXD or GPIO
S16 PA7 TXD2 GPIO   7 USART2:  /dev/ttyS3 TXD or GPIO
S17 PA6 RXD1 GPIO   6 USART2: /dev/ttyS2 RXD or GPIO
S18 PA5 TXD1 GPIO   5 USART2: /dev/ttyS2 TXD or GPIO
S19 PA4 GPIO     4  
S20 PA3 CTS0 GPIO   3 USART1: /dev/ttyS1 CTS or GPIO
S21 PA2 RTS0 GPIO   2 USART1: /dev/ttyS1 RTS or GPIO
S22 PA1 RXD0 GPIO   1 USART1: /dev/ttyS1 RXD or GPIO
S23 PA0 TXD0 GPIO   0 USART1: /dev/ttyS1 TXD or GPIO
S24   GND       Power In GND
Pin # IC Pin Default Alt   GPIO Note
W1   GND       Power In GND
W2   ETHRXP       Ethernet 0 RX+
W3   ETHRXN       Ethernet 0 RX-
W4   ETHTXP       Ethernet 0 TX+
W5   ETHTXN       Ethernet 0 TX-
W6   ETH3V3       Ethernet 0 3V3
W7   ETHLED1       Ethernet 0 Yellow led (traffic)
W8   ETHLED2       Ethernet 0 Green led (link)
W9 PA22 GPIO     22  
W10 PA23 GPIO     23  
W11 PA24 GPIO     24  
W12 PA25 GPIO     25  
W13 PA26 GPIO     26  
W14 PA27 GPIO     27  
W15 PA28 GPIO     28  
W16 PA29 GPIO     29  
W17 PA30 SDA0 GPIO   30 I2C bus 0 Data or GPIO
W18 PA31 SCL0 GPIO   31 I2C bus 0 Clock or GPIO
W19 ADVREF         A/D converter voltage reference In (max 3.3 volt)
W20 PB11 AD0 GPIO   43 A/D converter Input 0 or GPIO
W21 PB12 AD1 GPIO   44 A/D converter Input 1 or GPIO
W22 PB13 AD2 GPIO   45 A/D converter Input 2 or GPIO
W23 PB14 AD3 GPIO   46 A/D converter Input 3 or GPIO
W24   3V3       Power In Vcc

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