Hot Feature for CM-SAMA5D34 CPU Board

Industrial Atmel process

 ARM SAMA5D34 process
 Cortex-A5, 536Mhz
 low power consumption, 0.5W
 Low system cost


Super Memory

 256MB Nand Flash
 4MB SPI Flash
 support expand 32GB SDcard

More powerful expand

 Integrated 1GMBit Ethernet
 LCD, Touch, Audio
 Ethernet, USB, SD Card

Multi-System Support

 Linux 3.6.9 Support
 Qt Support
 Android 4 support
 ARDUINO will be support


CM-SAMA5D34 Base Board Function 

  Ethernet: 1 x 1000M Ethernet, RJ45 interface
  Serial port: 5 x Serial Port(1 x RS485, 2 x RS232)

   Debug Serial: One 3-wire RS232 Debug serial port, DB9 interface
   USART0: RS485 level, connector
   USART1: TTL Level(5-wire, expand with 2x5Pin header COM0 )
   USART2: RS232 Level(Expand with 3.81 connector)
   USART3: TTL Level(5-wire, expand with 2x5Pin header COM0 )
  USB :2 x USB Host and 1 x USB Device interface
  Audio: Audio In/Out support
  TFT LCD: Support 4.3”LCD, 7”LCD and 10”LCD
  SD card: 1 x SD card slot
  CAN: 1 x CAN BUS 2.0
  GPIO: 16 GPIO interface
  Key: 2 x User Key and 1 x reset key
  RTC back up time and one buzzer
  Power In: 12V Power in


Resource Download 

Item Version Size Download From site
CM-SAMA5D34 Resource(Overview, manaul, schematic, size) 2013-10-2 5MB Dropbox site Download
IPC-SAMA5D34 Resource(Overview, manaul, schematic, size) 2013-10-2 5MB Dropbox Site Download
Atmel SAMA5D34 DataSheet 2013-5-2 11.2MB Atmel
Linux Source Released Later...    
Android Source Released later...    
System Image Released later...    


Function Details

Pin Define

Mechanical Dimensions



How To Use it

Evaluate performance

Get the IPC-SAMA5D34(Contain CPU board) Board, then you can Evaluate the more function, such as RS485, RS232, CAN Bus, 1GBit Ethenet, SD Card, Audio, USB.


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Develop By Yourself

Development Resource:

   CM-SAMA5D34 Pin Define 
   Hardware Design Guide
   Linux Development Guide
   Android Development Guide

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Custom Design Service

Quckily Design Service(More Details)

   HardWare Design
   software system development
   Case design

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