Programming examples on Python

Code playground is an open source code collection which include all the source code examples used in CORE9G25 tutorials and articles.

The sources are stored in CD://Debian/playground folder and are easily installable by cloning the repository directly on your CORE9G25 board by typing this simple command at Linux command prompt:

Copy the playgroud folder to the board /home folder, After that all the source examples and libraries will be available inside the playground directory.

# cd /home/playground

AbLib Python library

AbLib is a simple Python module to make easier the use of hardware wired to the CORE9G25 Boards used in a lot of playground examples.

The was saved in CD://Debian/Ablib/ . Please Copy the Ablib folder to the board /home folder.

To install AbLib type:

# cd /home/ablib
~/ablib# python install

Package dependencies

AbLib requires that the following Debian packages are istalled:

# apt-get install python-smbus
# apt-get install python-serial

Documentation Terms of Use
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